Korea No.1 Chicken galbi Brand

Korea No.1
Chicken galbi Brand ‘Yoogane’

Starting with the establishment of a “Botongjip” chicken galbi restaurant in 1981,
“Yoogane”, a cost-effective brand that even students can easily eat,
is Korea's representative chicken rib brand that has grown
with the love of customers for 40 years.

Yoogane has creatively reinterpreted the familiar chicken galbi,
different from the local menu, and developed a new taste of chicken galbi
by grilling instead of roasting.

In addition, Yoogane's own chicken rib food culture was created
by introducing a fusion menu called “Chicken galbi Fried rice”
from fried rice, which was eaten for dessert after eating chicken galbi.

Therefore, we started as a brand that is close to customers and familiar
with our customers with 'Common chicken galbi', which offers a delicious and reliable meal
at an affordable price for students and office workers with light pockets.

Always satisfying customers with delicious menus and comfortable services.
We will become the No.1 Korean chicken galbi brand 'Yoogane'.

Unchanging taste and know-how accumulated over 40 years

Yoogane Spicy Stir-fried Chicken

Our recipe produced in our own plant in Yangsan is featured in the tasty sauce matured with chili powder


'The Most Famous Stir-Fried Rice Sold Every 5 Second‘

Menu with high cost-effectiveness

'Yoogane' made a fusion menu called 'Stir-Fried Rice' that never existed before.
We made its name known as 'Dak Galbi Stir-Fried Rice', a menu that has good cost-effectiveness.
We is still beloved brand as an affordable price.


Reliable and trusty brand of spicy stir-fried chicken


Yoogane Plant, which is certified by HACCP, is producing our ingredients in safe and clean environment


Korean best taste recognized in the world


Yoogane is a global franchise advanced abroad in the various conturies as well as East-asia with our K-Food 'Dak Galbi'


Introducing yoogane BI

Korean style

English style

Chinese style

Brand identity in which the shape of a chicken with added fun with traditional brush writing, and a red and round shape reminiscent of a hot iron plate below it

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